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The Space Within offers a variety of services to support you in your healing journey:

Reiki for you


Empowerment Coaching


Space clearing

Reiki for your pets


Reiki sessions for people

60-minute in-person Reiki session ($85):

A 30-minute consultation followed by a half-hour Reiki treatment.


Distant Reiki session ($50):

Includes a phone or email consultation and a distant Reiki treatment, then a follow-up phone or email check-in. (Total time: 45-60 minutes).


Visit Woodberry Wellness to schedule an appointment, or contact me here, by phone, text, email, or my Facebook page.

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medical reiki services

As a Medical Reiki Master certified through Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International, I have been trained in the protocols necessary to offer Reiki in the practice of Integrative Medicine. I can support my clients’ healing and recovery time, integration of medicines, and ease pain during any of the following:

  • chemotherapy

  • dentistry

  • hospital recovery

  • childbirth

  • hospice

  • surgery

  • other medical treatments

All services are $100 per hour, except for surgery services, which are priced based on the procedure. Cost includes travel expenses within one hour of Baltimore, MD. Additional costs may be incurred if traveling further.

To schedule an appointment or a consultation, contact me here, by phone, text, email, or my Facebook page.

Reiki Sessions for Animals

60-minute animal Reiki session ($90):

This at-home session with your pet will allow your companion to be at ease in his or her most familiar environment. Includes a 15-minute consultation and a 45-minute in-home Reiki session, as well as pre-appointment preparation off-site. (Additional travel fee of $1 per mile may apply for locations further than 10 miles from the Hampden area of Baltimore City.)


Distant Reiki session for your pet ($50):

Includes an email or phone consultation before the treatment, a distant healing session, and a follow-up phone conversation or email. (Total time: 30-45 minutes).


Contact me to schedule an appointment, or reach me by phone, text, email, or my Facebook page.

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Empowerment coaching

We all face challenges that can make life seem overwhelming at times: anxiety, depression, fear, anger, body-image issues, lack of self-love, addiction, grief, trauma, abuse, unhappiness, restlessness, and just generally being worried about the state of the world. Mental health care, medical care, and self-care are all critical, but sometimes you need something else--a thought-partner, a brain-stormer, a collaborator, a cheer-leader, a supporter, an encourager, a healer, or just someone to help you figure out how to love yourself, your body, and your journey.

As a client with The Space Within Empowerment Coaching, you receive the support you need to figure out who you are, what you want, and where to go. In this complicated world that is framed by societal expectations that tell us that we need to look a certain way, act a certain way, be a certain way, and meet certain landmarks by certain times in our life, you are under an extraordinary amount of pressure. Together, we will work through what you want your life to look like, what your expectations are, and how to write your own rules for your journey. We will help you to grapple with acceptance of yourself, your body, your worthiness, your value, and your power in this world. Whatever you need to sort out, The Space Within will provide you with the space and support you need to find your direction and to discover (or rediscover) your magic.

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The Space within apothecary

In addition to Reiki, The Space Within offers an essential oil* and crystal apothecary service. This can be added on to a Reiki session for no additional fee or can be requested as a stand-alone session for the same hourly rate as Reiki (see below). Sessions will include a consultation and crystal and essential oil* recommendations.

Contact me for more information or to schedule an appointment.

30-minute apothecary session ($55):

Includes 30-minute consultation with crystal and essential oil* recommendations.

60-minute apothecary session ($85):

Includes a 30-minute consultation, crystal and essential oil* recommendations, and 30 minutes of Reiki using crystal and/or essential oils.

Current crystal stock (for sale):

Tumbled stones ($1 each):

  • amethyst

  • black tourmaline

  • carnelian

  • citrine

  • fluorite

  • garnet

  • hematite

  • jet

  • lapis lazuli

  • lepidolite

  • moonstone

  • rose quartz

  • rubellite

  • sodalite

  • unakite

Raw stones (priced based on size and market value):

  • clear quartz points

  • candle quartz points

  • smoky quartz points

  • black tourmaline

  • ruby

  • moss agate

Other stones available upon request. Prices subject to change and availability.

*All essential oils used in sessions are dōTERRA products, which can be purchased through me upon request.


Space clearing

Using a combination of Reiki, medicinal smoke, crystals, and intention-setting, Melisa can clear your home, office, practice space, or any other location that belongs to you. After removing negative energy and distortions that may be held in the space, she will fill it with love, light, calm, and positivity. This service is ideal for new homes, for new offices or practice spaces, following a negative event or circumstance in your life, or simply to support positive energy in your space.

Space clearing session ($85-$150)

Sessions last about an hour ($85) but may take longer depending on the size of your space or energetic circumstances. All sessions include a protective crystal for the main entrance of your home and a Reiki-charged quartz piece for within your home, which will continue to generate positive energy after I leave.

Sessions farther than 10 miles from the Hampden area of Baltimore City will have an additional fee of $1 per mile, which will be calculated and quoted prior to scheduling.

Contact me for your free email consultation or to schedule your session!


"I visited Melisa for my first ever reiki session. I wasn't 100% sure what to expect, but she talked me through the process and explained everything before getting started. She made me feel comfortable and asked me questions so that she could personalize the session to meet my needs. Melisa practices in a very warm and inviting setting. I felt relaxed as soon as I walked into the space, and her energy also put me at ease...I left feeling revived. I believe Melisa's empathy and sincerity allows her to connect with her clients and help them achieve wellness. I will definitely be returning and I can't recommend her enough!"

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