meet your community of

healing & self-care experts and Other Amazing People

As I have learned to be a Reiki practitioner, have navigated starting a business, engaged in my own self-care, and tried to live my best life, I have had the privilege to work with some amazing people who have a wealth of knowledge that I don't have about a lot of different things. Below are links to my community: everyone from my healing team to my hair stylist. Check them out!


Woodberry Wellness

Woodberry Wellness in Baltimore, MD, is an amazing community resource for healing. Check out their site to see the wealth of healers and practitioners and the services they offer. I not only practice here myself but these folks are also part of my healing team.



Animal Reiki Alliance

Animal Reiki Alliance of Baltimore, MD, is a source for Reiki for pets of all kinds as well as training in Reiki, pet care, crystal use, and lots of other aspects of healing. I received my animal Reiki certification through them and am a registered member as well.



Holistic Massage Training Institute of Baltimore

The Holistic Massage Training Institute offers massage training and certification courses as well as other non-traditional modalities of bodywork and energy work. I have done many of my Reiki training classes through them--they're a wonderful community of teachers and practitioners.



The Salon By Kenneth

These folks are AMAZING! They perform hair magic every single day—I am constantly amazed by their creativity and innovation. Vanessa Vale is the next-level hair witch responsible for my ever-changing hair style and palette. Check them out!



Witchcraft Branding

I cannot say enough about how amazing Witchcraft Branding is. Enid is intuitive, responsive, and supportive and took my passion and turned it into a beautiful brand. Witchcraft Branding truly is magic. If you have a small business, check out her services: she provides a variety of supports for branding and growing your business.



Carrie Murray Nature Center

Located in the Gwynns Falls/Leakin Park in west Baltimore, Carrie Murray Nature Center is a truly special place. With their five species of owls, a hawk, a raven, parrots, lizards, and snakes, Carrie Murray provides a valuable environmental education resource to the city of Baltimore and its surrounding areas. They are open to the public for self-guided tours but also have many weekend programs—check out their website for more information.